This Half Moon Bay, California elopement was spectacular. Located at the Mavericks House right next to the Pacific Ocean, the views from the venue were absolutely stunning.

Our couple had a terrific plan for their wedding, including burned marshmallows, board games, and a bonfire on the beach. Then Covid happened. And as cases spiked and spiked again, they were forced to postpone their big day several times. They eventually decided a laid back California elopement was best, and save the big party for after the pandemic had subsided.

The Mavericks House was awesome. They worked with our couple every step of the way, even offering a scaled back ceremony and getting ready site. 

Since the wedding couple decided on an elopement, it meant we had the whole venue just to ourselves. The bride wanted to get ready at her parents, a cozy home in South San Francisco right next to Pacifica. A collage greeted me as I arrived, a history of these two and their love as it grew through the years. If the bride couldn’t have all of her family and friends at her wedding, she made sure that her parents were the first to see her in her wedding dress. And wow, what a dress!!

groom protecting his bride half moon bay ca elopement

After her parents house, it was Half Moon Bay wedding time. The short drive down the coast on 1 leads you directly to the Mavericks House. I got some quick shots of the bride in the getting ready suite, then headed off to find the groom. Some of my favorites from the day are of the groom as he waited for the magic hour when he could marry his bride. I loved the suit collar, it had their big day inscribed on it. What a great idea! 

This California elopement was so different than any I’ve experienced before. Just the groom and bride, the officiant, someone from the venue, and me. But the casual nature of the day allowed the bride and groom to embrace and to show all of their affection. Each time one of them read their vows they kissed, they cried, they laughed. It was really such a special ceremony. We even had a watch party from a neighboring home. One of them even brought a celebratory drink to the bride and groom after the ceremony. 

After they were married, we decided to stay in Half Moon Bay to get a few sunset photos. We ventured around and found some amazing places. I usually stay North around San Francisco but I scouted a few days before and the change of pace was amazing. We started at the Moss Beach trailhead and ventured from there. We basically had the entirety of the place all to ourselves. The bride and groom were so game allowing me to lead them around, as they laughed and reminisced and thought about their future together. As far as California elopements go, you can go the local route just as easy as the mountains, and it can be just as special and spectacular!

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  1. Kadarius Seegars says:

    Omg! I feel like I was there. The way you told the story is absolutely beautiful. From the video, to the impactful photos to the words.. talented is an understatement! Thank you so much for sharing! ♥️

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