I have never experienced a groom with as much energy as Blake. From forgetting his contacts and having to borrow his moms, then crying them out during the ceremony when he first saw his bride. To the jumping, dancing, and laughing he did to make his soon-to-be wife Shelbi laugh. 

This wedding was beyond perfection and a joy to be a part of. Located at the venue Grainger Farm in Bartow, Florida. The farm has beautiful rolling fields, an amazing pavilion where the bride and groom were married, and the reception hall is a open air theme that was beautiful both for photos and for the dancing, eating, and speeches!

I absolutely love Shelbi and Blake. My fondest memory from that day might just be the kinetic sand they poured for their union during the ceremony. They both forgot the regular sand so a quick trip to the store was required. Except the only sand they had was kinetic for kids. So the pouring of sand just made a clumping mess which of course brought our bride and groom to their knees laughing. The emotion and love that these two share was beyond measurable, just look at the photos as evidence!

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