Surprise proposal ideas

Surprise proposal photoshoots are definitely my favorite behind weddings. I love emotion, and you never get truer emotion than when you capture a surprise engagement! But they are tricky. Both the photographer and boyfriend/girlfriend/soon-to-be hubby can’t give it away before hand! If you are looking for a surprise proposal photographer or have questions, I am your girl!

Tips when you are planning your own surprise engagement:

  1. Don’t give it away! If you are planning a romantic surprise proposal on the beach, or after eating at a special place, go there a few times in the coming weeks before you pop the question. Otherwise, your partner will know something is up.
  2. If you are getting a ring that is passed down from your family or theirs, make sure your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t know you now have the ring. It’s crazy how many times I’ve heard a family member slip and say they’ve given the ring to them. It needs to be a secret!
  3. And about rings and ring sizes. A good idea to get their ring size without it being obvious, go somewhere like a market or use a ring that you or family already own. Have them try it on nonchalantly. If you don’t know the ring size, check out Vrai, they have a ring sizer you can measure any ring with!
  4. If you hire a photographer, coordinate! What we like to do is get to the location well before the couple. I like to use my daughter and hubby as decoys. I’m just here taking photos of them. We strategically place ourselves exactly where the boyfriend wants to pop the question, so when they show up, the girlfriend doesn’t even think about the person taking photos of a family. Then when he proposes, bam! I’m already in place to get all of the reactions. 
  5. For photos, go on one knee facing away from the photographer. You already know what your reaction will be, we are trying to get theirs!
  6. Celebrate! I treat the time after a surprise engagement like a mini engagement session. Get in the water, pick them up, bring champagne to enjoy. Have fun, you did it!

Now you are ready for your surprise proposal!!! Contact me and let’s make it extraordinary!

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