They say first impressions matter the most when you are deciding on both personal and business decisions. So what happens when you first meet your couple in the back of a police cruiser?!

As I am walking along the sand on my way to one of my favorite beach locations on St Pete Beach in Florida, a police cruiser stops me and calls me by name. At this point I am in shock and a little freaked out. How does he know my name and what’s going on? So many questions were running through my head. Then he continues to say, I understand you are doing an engagement shoot here. I am sorry to say, but I had to arrest your couple. Wait… what?? I’m thinking no way! What could they have done? And sure enough I look in the back and there they are. My jaw dropped, still confused. When finally the officer tells me he’s joking, that they just stopped him to ask for directions and he offered to escort them there himself. So off they went driving down the strip of sandy beach to our planned upon location. Needless to say it was definitely the most memorable introduction I’ve had to one of my couples yet.

I absolutely love Tara and Ryan. Their energy and enthusiasm for each other was something special to experience. If their engagement shoot was any precursor to the big day, then we are really in for a lot of fun capturing these two tie the knot!

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