Elopements Questions you may be asking yourself:

Whether it be a symbolic place, nature trek, cityscape, or a vacation spot, elopements are a great idea for you if you want a really intimate experience. I like to look at elopements like a time for you guys to just be comfortable together: Hiking around, camping, backpacking, kayaking, walking, swimming. Whatever it may be, the idea is to truly enjoy that person you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with!

As far as photography, I want you guys to be able to reminisce about your past while you dream of your future together. I am truly a fly on the wall, grabbing those candid photos of you guys when you are just enjoying your morning coffee, trekking around, or whatever it is you decide to do. I want to make sure we get those really epic shots but also get the in-between moments that you will remember forever.

Questions for your elopement photographer

  • Can I bring friends or family on my elopement?

Of course! You aren’t you without your closest and bestest. Friends and family are always welcome! Just keep in mind, some of the trails and overnighting can be a little much for little kids and some of our elders.

  • How long are the hikes usually?

Depending on your skill, usually a few miles hike round-trip. Of course, it is totally up to you where we go and what we do! Lunch, snacks, and carrying heavy packs included in most trips.

  • I have no idea where we want to get married, is that a problem?

Of course not, I love this part! I want to be your elopement connoisseur. Let’s find the perfect elopement location for you, whether it be lakes, mountains, cities, or islands. I can help with florals and arch rentals, as well as other vendors too! I have photographed elopements from Puerto Rico to California, and specialize in California elopements, as well as Oregon and Florida.

  • What does the package include?

Single or Two Photographers available for elopements: My partner and I will be your A-team for your big adventure! California elopement packages are completely customizable, from an afternoon to a few days hiking and camping. My partner and I do photo and video, depending on what you are looking for. Send me a message and let me know your thoughts and we can work up a plan!

Plans Start at $2000.

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